Hi and welcome to Hill Furnishings!


We’re so glad you’ve popped over. Let us share a bit about us…


10 years ago we had an idea to make ourselves a bedhead. Little did we know this one bedhead would be the first of thousands and we would create the flourishing business we have today. 


Our operation is family run with a small and talented team of designers and upholsterers. We place an emphasis on using only quality materials from local suppliers (whenever possible) and our fabric is sourced from Australia's leading fabric supplier, Warwick Fabrics. 


In keeping with the way we live our lives in the beautiful Noosa Hinterland, we are very mindful of waste and recycling. 


We donate our fabric off cuts to Boomerang Bags and other local community groups. Also, our foam waste is returned to the manufacturer and made into various products, including carpet underlay. 


Our primary focus is to continue manufacturing beautiful, custom made and great quality furnishings to enhance your space. 


Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we pride ourselves on providing an excellent product and service.


Thanks for dropping by. We look forward to making the perfect bedhead for you soon!

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