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Mounting your Bedhead

Freestanding Legs

Your bedhead will come with free standing, height adjustable leg supports to suit any ensemble height. Included with these are the screws which attach the legs to the back of the bedhead and anti-topple anchors which attach it to the wall if required. The easiest option is to attach the legs to the back of the bedhead using the existing pre-drilled holes. For a more exact height, measure the distance to the floor and make new holes by screwing the legs anywhere into the back of the bedhead panel. Freestanding legs are the easiest installation method and drilling into the wall is optional.

Wall Mounts

Your bedhead will come with aluminium cleat brackets. One will be attached to the back of the bedhead already and the other attaches to your wall at the height you desire. We recommend that you screw through the wall bracket into the wall every 22.5cm. eg if going onto a plasterboard wall, screw into studs and also between each stud using plasterboard anchors. Screws are included for this however, you may require different or additional screws and anchors depending on your wall type. This option will make your bedhead more flush with the wall as the aluminium brackets are not as thick as the leg option.